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With the recommendation system on, you can acquire candidates by collaborating with external recruiters. You determine how much commission you want to pay for successful referrals and candidate hires. Each submitted profile is covered by a guarantee period.We also ensure the security of your recruitment process. Each candidate profile you receive is guaranteed. As a result, the commission will be paid to the recruiter when the candidate completes the probationary period.
We conduct double verification of each recommended candidate to ensure that all parties consent to participating in a specific recruitment process. We respect your time and want you to be able to hire top specialists.

Conscious Data Processing

Our terms and privacy policy provide clear and transparent cooperation guidelines. By using, you can be sure that both your and the candidates' data is processed in accordance with current GDPR standards.

Candidate CVs from the database are anonymized according to the principles adopted in your company, so you don't have to worry about the legal aspects of managing their data. You can also customize GDPR settings by modifying consent duration for current and future recruitment processes.

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Employer Branding

With, your job offer will shine! By choosing the PREMIUM package, you gain access to a short social media campaign conducted by our team. We will promote your job listing to attract the best candidates.

On our portal, you can create an employer profile visible to candidates browsing active listings. With it, you can effectively present your company as an attractive place to work. Include your logo, description, and additional information to create a business card for your company!

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Efficient Communication

Efficient information flow is the key to the success of any project. Our platform features a function that allows recruiters to ask you questions about your job listings. Direct communication with recruiters ensures the highest level of candidate matching.

Depending on the package you choose, we can assign you a representative who will support you throughout the process. We will stay in touch, providing top-level support and advice to ensure that your job listing attracts applicants.

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Convenient Employer Panel

Using is easy and convenient. All portal functionalities are accessible from the side panel, and with just a few clicks, you can perform essential actions.

In the employer panel, you can change settings, exchange messages with recruiters, or manage your job listings. You'll also find recommended candidate CVs, their financial expectations, and other key information. Additionally, within a single employer profile, you can link multiple user accounts and grant selected users administrator status, allowing them to add/remove and deactivate users within your organization.

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Talent Pool

By collaborating with, you gain access to our talent pool, regardless of the industry. You can contact selected candidates and send them your job offers.

Browse anonymized profiles of job seekers and choose from the best.

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Tailor-Made Portal

Creating, we aimed to find solutions to numerous problems we observed during over 6 years of operation as the KINGIT recruitment agency. Working for both major brands in Poland and worldwide and startups just entering the market, we noticed many recurring difficulties in the candidate - employer - recruitment intermediary relationship. is our response to the modern needs of the recruitment industry.

We believe that, like us, you value flexibility and choice. That's why combines two ways of acquiring candidates - direct applications from interested individuals and recruiter recommendations. By using our service, you have access to an expanded talent pool and top-notch recruitment services - all within a single job listing.

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