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With, you can use it in two ways: by applying for job offers like on a traditional classifieds portal, without the need to create an account, or as a registered user, gaining access to numerous site features, including the Candidate Profile.

Get Noticed! is not just a classifieds portal, but also a platform where jobs find you. To receive job offers directly from employers, you can create a Candidate Profile, which will serve as your business card.

Choose the 'Looking for a job' option, then summarize your professional experience and specify your skills, availability, financial expectations, and the industries that interest you. This way, you will join the Talent Pool, and when your anonymous profile interests an employer, you will receive an email with a job offer. You can easily decline or accept the invitation. Only after accepting the invitation will the employer see your contact information.

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Anonymity and Data Security

We value your privacy, which is why we anonymize your CV in the database visible to employers. They have access to your profile, containing only the information necessary to make a decision about inviting you to recruitment. Your personal data and contact information will only be revealed after you have given your consent to participate in a specific recruitment process. By using, you can also be sure that your data is stored in compliance with the current GDPR regulations.

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User Convenience

Having an account on allows for easy application through a personalized profile and tracking your applications, as well as saving interesting offers for the future. This way, you can quickly check the status of the recruitment processes you are participating in and never miss a professional opportunity!

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0% Spam, 100% Relevance

We care about your data and respect your time, so by default, we don't spam you with unwanted job offers. By selecting the 'Looking for a job' option in your profile, you will only receive messages from employers who would like to invite you to participate in recruitment. Highlight your skills, choose the industries that interest you, and find your dream job!

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